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Instarouter is an effective cloud based delivery management and vehicle route optimization platform that bridges the gap between your ERP and the delivery ecosystem. Its a system that connects your ERP, warehouse and trucks to the delivery control center of your organization ensuring effective last mile delivery management.

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Instarouter - Automated Routing with a Difference !

Instarouter has a one of a kind planning engine with artificial intelligence (computational heuristics intelligence) based planning algorithms

Computational Heuristic Intelligence(CHI) refers to specialized programming techniques in computational intelligence (also called Artificial Intelligence, or AI). These techniques have the express goal of avoiding complexity issues, also called NP-hard problems, by using human-like techniques. They are best summarized as the use of exemplar-based methods (heuristics), rather than rule-based methods (algorithms). Hence the term is distinct from the more conventional computational algorithmic intelligence, CAI or GOFAI. 

Another approach Instarouter specializes in are methods for the avoidance of complexity issues by employing feedback control rather than feedforward modeling as a problem-solving paradigm. This approach has been called Computational Cybernetics, because (a) the term 'computational' is associated with conventional computer programming techniques which represent a strategic, compiled, or feedforward model of the problem, and (b) the term 'cybernetic' is associated with conventional system operation techniques which represent a tactical, interpreted, or feedback model of the problem. Of course, real programs and real problems both contain both feedforward and feedback components.

Instarouter is built using Microsoft TechnologiesOur Leased Cloud Server Provider is fully Certified